About Me

Hi, I’m Adam Briancourt.

I’m an audiovisual production engineer, with over 10 years specialist expertise in live sound and video production, including live and on-demand webcasting and videoconferencing.

I’m able to supply my own high-grade equipment for both videoconferencing and webcasting, offering a one-stop solution for end-clients and production companies alike.

I am also the creator of the unique and innovative videoconference “swiss-army-knife” PUNCH!, allowing successful videoconference calls to take place where they would otherwise fail, and allowing videoconferencing from locations previously considered impossible. Available from myself directly, or through partner companies, such as Present Communications

My services are often engaged by production companies to bolster existing in-house technical expertise, or to fill-in gaps in their technical capabilities, especially where specialist knowledge is required for complex projects.

My approach could perhaps be best described as “headroom is everything”. This means having spare capability in a given situation or in a technical system, which can be rapidly deployed to answer questions that begin with the words “Is it possible to……” or “Can we just…..” !

This conscientious approach is reflected in my work, and in the equipment that I supply.

I am CTS qualified, as well as Analog Way Livecore and Christie Digital Spyder Certified, and of course PLI insured for my work.