Webcasting Services

Ideal for taking your live event and broadcasting it to an expanded audience over the internet.

Offered as standard in the webcast packages are tailored, client-driven features which other webcast providers cannot or will not offer. As a specialist in signal acquisition, video compression technology, high-performance computer hardware and data networking & video distribution I am uniquely positioned to offer a highly customised, performance-tuned webcast experience without using generic third-party services and hardware.

Every webcasting package includes as standard:

  • 1080p 25 frames-per-second video resolution.
  • Simultaneous transcoding of the HD broadcast to multiple lower bitrates, facilitating those with slower connections to watch the stream without buffering or interruption.
  • Cross-platform compatibility across Mac/PC desktop and laptop computers and Apple and Android mobile devices.
  • Multiple video-source capture, allowing for multiple cameras and/or live presentation content to be mixed together into one stream to ensure that the online audience does not feel left out.
  • Choice of player-hosting options, either a player embed-code can be provided for integration into a client’s website, or a branded webpage with embedded video player can be generated.
  • Stream access control can be handled by a username and password system, or be fully open to the public.

Webcast packages start from £1800 per 8-hour streaming day with operator for up to 250 viewers.

£2100 for 8-hour streaming day with operator for up to 1000 viewers.

Expected viewership above 1000 is priced according to projected bandwidth consumption, Email me to discuss.

These packages do not include cameras or camera operators, which is ideally suited to offering a whitelabel-service for production companies with existing camera and operator resources or who need to extend their selection of client service offerings without duplicating resources.

Of course, if cameras and operators and not already specified for an event, then they can be provided as is necessary.

Future-ready streaming:

Although the technical specification of the standard webcasting packages is already ahead-of-the-pack, the webcasting platform and encoding hardware is future-proofed and tested against standards currently only just emerging in niche online video, such as 1080p 60FPS streaming for showcasing super-fluid motion and e-sports content, and 4K live streaming video delivery, with simultaneous transcoding to lower resolutions.

If you have an event that requires this kind of market-leading live content delivery, this platform is the one you need.

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Email me to discuss booking and quotations.